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I ordered my first OMS pipe for Christmas of 2018. I only planned on getting the KT 209 Fieldmaster. After watching a Utube video on them. I saw where the bent dublin and straight dublin were being retired and the only place I could find them was from the Danish Pipe Shop. I ordered all three from DPS and haven’t looked back. These pipes are GREAT!!!!!!!!! For the money you can’t beat these well made pipes. They smoke great and have great draw. I was so impressed that I contacted Salom and he got me in contact with Jake Hackert. I asked Jake if he could make me an OMS Special and he graciously did. What an AWESOME pipe!!!!! I can highly recommend these pipes from OMS. You can’t go wrong. They are rugged, manly and look sharp. I hope to eventually acquire the whole set of OMS pipes in the future. I would like to see OMS make an Oom Paul that would be sweet.

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