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What A Find!

What a fantastic pipe! This is my first OMS pipe (the poker) and not only is it visually stunning, it has a hearty bowl the way I like, has rustication that is so gripping, and it smokes fantastic. I never smoke one particular pipe more than once per a day, and yet I smoked this pipe three times the day it arrived since I like it so much! Now the problem is what shall be my next shape? Thank you so much for a pipe whose quality exceeds the price – one that I can actually manage to afford!

1 thought on “What A Find!

  1. My first ‘Billiard’ arrived yesterday here in the UK. What a beast of a pipe, an awesome smoking tool.
    Have another two on order including the ‘Poker’.
    Can’t wait.
    This is one very satisfied customer across the pond.

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