What A Find!

What a fantastic pipe! This is my first OMS pipe (the poker) and not only is it visually stunning, it has a hearty bowl the way I like, has rustication that is so gripping, and it smokes fantastic. I never smoke one particular pipe more than once per a day, and yet I smoked this[…]


I ordered my first OMS pipe for Christmas of 2018. I only planned on getting the KT 209 Fieldmaster. After watching a Utube video on them. I saw where the bent dublin and straight dublin were being retired and the only place I could find them was from the Danish Pipe Shop. I ordered all[…]


just got my second pipe. 1st one was a cherry poker and now a KT209 feildmaster. I’m telling you, OMS pipes are awesome! being from CANADA by the time it gets to my door the total price for a pipe is around $230 but it is well worth the price. and Salam is a great[…]

Fieldmaster Dublin

This is my first pipe from OMS and I have to say for the price you get an extremely high quality piece of kit that I would put up against any high dollar pipe. The craftsmanship, attention to detail and not to mention the smoke is excellent! The handwritten note from OMS is the final[…]

New pipe

What a great pipe. Been puffing a long long time and this is a fantastic pipe. Great draw nice size bowl the bigger the better for me just a wonderful smoker. Keep up the great work OMS. Thank you. Jim

I’m on my 3rd OMS pipe

You absolutely will not find better customer service!! Salam and the great people at OMS PIPES absolutely go out of their way for their customers… they bend over backwards for you to be happy and they stand by their products 100 + 10%… the pipes are beautiful durable and high quality… they are just tremendous[…]

I love OMS pipes

I own two OMS pipes and love both of them, it’s hard to choose what one i will smoke from, the devil anse or the field master dublin. I need to buy a grinder so i can enjoy their coffee. Great job everyone.